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  • Weight: 10 - 15 kg
(3 Gramm)
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The Buddy new as a model with road approval

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20 km/h
250 - 1000 Watt
31 - 50 km
10 - 15 kg
Max. Speed
20 km/h
Max. Range
40 km
Nominal power
Max. Power
650 Watt
13.7 kg
Road approval
Ja (Light motorcycles)

E-Scooter with road approval

E-Scooters are becoming increasingly popular and are an easy way to get around. E-Scooter can be used optimally especially in cities. However, the question of whether there is an e-scooter road approval and what there is to consider arises often. Here you will find e-scooters that are officially approved in Switzerland. All listed models have an e-scooter road approval. According to the article 14 VTS and article 18 VTS in accordance with the Federal Office for Roads (Astra), all of our models are approved in Switzerland.

However, with us you will not only get your vehicle with e-scooter road approval, but also answers to your questions. Although the purchase and use of an e-scooter are basically very simple, however, many are still not really familiar with the legal situation. We therefore inform you about the most important legal basics around the e-scooter road approval in Switzerland.

The E-Scooter road approval of the ASTRA

For models to have e-scooter road approval, they must meet ASTRA's specifications for light motorcycles, which legally includes e-scooters. If the respective model meets all the requirements, you can use it without encountering any road traffic problems in Switzerland. You will also need neither an ID card nor a registration certificate. Also, a type approval is not required for the e-scooter road approval.

The specific requirements and conditions of the ASTRA for the e-scooter road approval concern first the performance of the model. Here, the e-scooter may run at a maximum of 48 volts and a continuous power of 500 watts. In addition, the maximum speed of 20 km/h, or 25 km/h with pedal assistance, may not be exceeded.

Furthermore, the lighting as well as the brakes play an important role for your e-scooter road approval. The respective model must therefore have both a functioning front light and an intact rear light. Additionally, brakes are required on both wheels of the e-scooter. If the model meets all these requirements, in terms of power, lighting and brakes, it has a valid e-scooter road approval. 

An insurance obligation for an e-scooter road approval does not exist in Switzerland, if the maximum speed is 20 km/h or 25 km/h. Of course, you can take out a private liability insurance. This covers any accidents and damages of a normal bike, since normal e-scooters are quasi legally equated with these. With faster electric vehicles, however, the whole thing already looks different. 

E-Scooter road approval and use in road traffic

Since e-scooters count as light motorcycles, they are subject to the same regulations as classic bicycles. So, by having an e-scooter road permit, they are allowed to use all areas for bicycle and driving traffic. This also includes cycle paths and cycle lanes. If these run parallel to the road, you must as a matter of fact use them. You are only allowed to ride in pedestrian zones if there is a sign saying "Cycling permitted". Even then, you must keep to walking speed.

Of course, you are also allowed to ride on roads with the e-scooter road permit. Driving on the sidewalk, however, is prohibited for e-scooters, as well as for bicycles. Children and teenagers under the age of 14 are also not allowed to ride the e-scooter even with road approval in place. However, teenagers aged 14 to 16 need a driver's license G or M to ride an e-scooter in Switzerland. All older people can ride an e-scooter without a driver's license. There is no helmet requirement, but wearing a helmet is recommended.