Redeem Electric Scooter in Switzerland

How do I redeem my electric scooter in Switzerland? 

All electric scooters from our range that have a road permit can be redeemed directly at the road traffic licensing office after delivery. To do this, you need to take out liability insurance in the same way as when you redeem a petrol scooter. You can then redeem the electric scooter at the road traffic licensing office. The electric scooters in our range have already been presented. 

The electric scooters from our range, which drive max. 20 km/h and have a road permit, do not have to be registered at the road traffic office. They are equivalent to an e-bike. 

1. take out third-party liability insurance

As with the registration of a petrol scooter, liability insurance must first be taken out with an insurer. To do this, it is usually sufficient to call the insurance company and they will send the insurance certificate directly to the road traffic licensing office. 

2. Pick up the licence plates at the road traffic office and you're ready to go

If you have any questions about the registration process or need assistance, we are happy to help:

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