Mobility despite suspension of driving license

Driving license withdrawal

The withdrawal of the driving license can quickly limit the mobility of anyone. At the same time, the reasons for driving license revocation can look very different. The most common and well-known reasons for losing a driver's license are driving at too high a speed or driving under the influence of alcohol. 

When the driving license was withdrawn, the long wait begins. The driving ban usually lasts three or more months. Such a period of time without a drivable vehicle? An impossibility!

In most cases, when a driver's license is revoked, all driving categories are revoked, and driving without a license would result in the license being gone for even longer. But e-Wheels offers the solution for this time and also for the time after.

Numerous reasons for driver's license revocation

The most common and well-known reasons for losing the driver's license are driving at too high a speed or driving under the influence of alcohol. If this is noticed by the police or the radar control, it is not only very expensive, but at high speed also punished with withdrawal of the driving license.
Beim alcohol consumption prevails likewise the problem of the overestimation.

Hereby most humans are conscious, which danger and punishment they expose themselves. But there are also reasons for the driving license withdrawal, which many drivers usually do not take seriously, do not estimate correctly or whereby they are simply not conscious that they can lose thereby the driving license.
Simple small activities besides can already lead to large distraction. We think we have everything under control and have enough experience to pay a little attention to the activities on the side.

If we are sick or injured, we also overestimate ourselves quickly. A doctor does not always point out to us specifically that we should not and may not operate a vehicle at the moment. Quickly it can thus come to situations in which we put ourselves and others in danger and lose our driver's license. 

The e-Wheels solution

Thus, despite the greatest effort, it can quickly come to the fact that we do not have a valid driver's license for some time. But since no one likes to give up his mobility, an alternative must come.
To not lose his mobility during the driver's license withdrawal, there is a special offer of vehicles that may also be led without driver's license.

e-Wheels offers motorized solutions for which no driver's license is necessary: E scooters which may be driven from 16 years without driver's license and helmet.


The smart alternative - Yadea V7

The Yadea V7 may be driven from the age of 14 (category M driver's license) and from 16 years without a driver's license. Neither a license plate or a helmet are required when driving this electric scooter. Cashing in the scooter at the road traffic office is also not necessary.

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The e-scooters & e-scooters in this category are considered light motorcycles according to Art. 18 VTS and can be ridden without a driver's license from the age of 16.

The models in this category do not require a license plate and there is no helmet requirement.

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